Podcast ‘The Atelier of Stef Kreymborg‘ (in dutch) by Hester Wandel

Reverence, 50x70x60 Stems of Gymnocladus dioicus and yarn. Photo Kees Plattel

Grua, Twigs of Gymnocladus dioicus and yarn

Sassafras. Bladeren van de Sassafrasboom gelamineerd. https://www.stefkreymborg.nl/projecten/sassafras/

In her artwork, Stef Kreymborg investigates the interplay between individuals and the masses.
The order found in nature, which fits together so marvellously in patterns and endless variation, is a great inspiration in her work.
With changes in the climate and all the consequences of these, forms of growth are taking on an increasingly important role in Kreymborg’s work.
Growth forms that flourish in the protected indoor environment, with no shortage of water or food, nor an overdose of moisture and sun.
Sometimes abstracted into forms that are nearly mathematical, but others burst in furiously, unruly and uninvited.
She explores the tension between uniformity and diversity, between order and confusion, between symmetry and asymmetry, as nature has been doing for centuries.

16 oktober 2019 tot 16 februari 2020 Expo Gewoon Bijzonder, Galerie 38CC Delft

The chief curator of Musées d’Angers, France, would like to acquire your work ‘Sang plié’, created as part of the exhibition of mini-textiles ‘Libres comme l’Art’



Schick Art Gallery NY

Schick Art Gallery NY

Article in TxP, by Merel van den Nieuwenhof

Participation Stitch your Brain, Monika Auch. WG Kunst Amsterdam

The jury for the 11e Triennale Internationale des mini-textiles whose theme was ‘Libres comme lárt!’ meet in Angers.
We are delighted to inform you that your work has been selected.
It will be exhibited with the works of other selected artists at the Musée Jean Lurcat and contemperary tapestry museum in Angers, France from June 10th 2017 until Januari 8th 2018



Ivy. 300 x 200 Textile




On 12 en 13 september 2015 in Dat Bolwerck Zutphen


Dat Bolwerck

23 april 2015 opening of the 5de International Textile Triennial in Riga, Latvia with the work ‘My Facebook’

foto (19)

foto (22)


Stef Kreymborg My Facebook Making offoto (15)




30 september 2014 was the opening van de 8th International Fiber Art Exhibition in Nantong China.
A special experience, so many impressions, met so many new people and …
an Excellent Award for the Wailing Wall of Lonely Socks!



Until 13 juli 2014 in the Cobra Museum Amstelveen,Holland:

Art that connects
Feico Hoekstra, art historian

‘Artists seek contact with the viewer by conveying a particular vision, experience or fascination. What makes Kreymborg’s art so special is that she also gives expression to the concept itself. How literally she sometimes interprets this is revealed in her work Six Degrees of Separation (2013). The source of inspiration for this work is the eponymous theory. According to this theory developed by scientists, each person is only separated from anyone else on earth via a social network of a maximum of six contacts. In Six Degrees of Separation Kreymborg illustrated this theory by shaking hands with people around her while holding pieces of clay in her palm. The form that the clay took on placed between the hand-shakers concretely represents the contact between herself and the other, and via that other person, ultimately the entire world population. She then constructed a closed chain – the quintessential symbol of eternal connectedness – from all the separate pieces of clay.’

For the whole interview click here.


Foto Paul van Riel


Stef Kreymborg: To play and discover.

Dutch artist Stef Kreymborg’s work explores the relationship between order and chaos through the patterns in nature.
She uses a combination of paper, wood, plastics and textiles to create her distinctive mixed media art.
Stef describes textiles as ‘the best way to visualise her dreams’.

Interview op http://www.textileartist.org/stef-kreymborg-to-play-and-discover/


Professional-artist-mind-set1 DSC_0157

The Monument of Consolation is now in the artcollection of the LucasAndreas Hospital in Amsterdam, Holland.


Film by Kim Brand, during the exhibition ´Artists collecting’in De Mesdag Collection Den Haag, Holland.


The Mesdag Collection Den Haag, is part of Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam.
This exhibition is the masterpiece of 12 young, enthousiastic curators.
Participating artists: Edwin Deen, Lernert & Sander, Karianne Kirsten, Hong Hao, Meinbert Gozewijn van Soest, Stef Kreymborg, Saskia Laurant and We Make Carpets.






21 and 22 september 2013
Historische Tuin Uiterweg 32 Aalsmeer, Holland

DSC_0321 DSC_0317_000


poster SKTextielLeeft


FotoVerzameldewerken TekstVerzameldewerken



The Wailing Wall of Lonely Socks on the 5th floor in the OBA Public Library Amsterdam