Stef Kreymborg’s work Notebook is comprised of seven autonomous works which together form a whole. Each of these seven works itself consists of various composite parts. In these ‘letters’, Stef uses twigs to whimsically record her experiences and memories in her own unique way.
Comments, stories, notes, anecdotes, observations, opinions and descriptions of high and low points find their place here to be told and to be ‘read’. Thin sheets of wood appear to be randomly stacked, bulging out as sheets of paper in a breeze, ready to take flight.
As in all her work, the rhythm of the ‘text’, the ordering of the ‘letters’, ‘words’ and ‘syllables’ is the guiding principle of her collection. It is a study on regularity in all its variations, an investigation into order and chaos, into structure, symmetry, asymmetry, individuality and collaboration.
The fact that the texts are impossible to read is both intriguing and unsettling. This invites viewers to use their imagination to make meaning from the script. Furthermore, in obscuring some of the text with another layer of ‘paper’, Stef brings up the question of whether in this time of individualism and communication everything really can be shared and seen.

Dutch writer Renate Dorrestein on Stef Kreymborg’s ‘written work’:

In my work I’m always looking for words that evoke images, but here it’s the other way around: now, I see images that represent words. Stef Kreymborg shows us in a fascinating way how inadequate and inept language is, and how fervent, neverthess, the human desire for communication is, reaching, when necessary, beyond the limits of the meagre alphabet.